Frequently Asked Questions

General Contracting Questions

Do you have a warranty on home improvements?
Yes, The State of Connecticut requires all contractors to carry a 1 year warranty on all the work they perform however, Corey Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC carries a 5 year warranty on all the work that we perform.

Are you a licensed and insured home contractor?
Yes, we are fully licensed and insured.

Roofing Questions

How long does a roof generally last?
Roofing manufactures warranty their shingles for different amounts of time that we will discuss with you in more depth upon giving you an estimate but generally speaking, 3-tab shingles are warrantied for 25 years while architectural shingles have a limited lifetime warranty.

What type of shingles do you use?
We carry a variety of styles of asphalt shingles as well as cedar shingles.

Why should I use architectural shingles?
While most people like to go with architectural shingles for their appearance, you also receive an extended warranty of the shingle compared to 3-tab shingles for a small increase in price, usually $100 – $300 more. We also carry lifetime designer shingles for a different appearance.

Siding Questions

How long does siding generally last?
Vinyl siding has a lifetime warranty.

What do I need to do to maintain the look of my new siding?
Although Vinyl siding is maintance free, we do recommend pressure washing your siding periodically to remove any dirt or algae growth in order to keep your siding looking new for as long as you own your home.

What colors and styles is siding available in?
We carry a variety of siding styles, colors, and sizes to meet your needs as well as desired appearance of your house. We carry clapboards, dutchlap, as well as cedar shake siding.

What type of materials do you use?
We utilize a combination of custom bent aluminum, vinyl siding and accessories, as well as pvc trim packages to give each house a custom look.

What finishes do cedar siding come in?
Either unfinished stain grade, primed ready for painting, or oil dipped for natural weathering.

What colors do fibrous cement siding come in?
We carry a variety of prefinished color options or primed for custom color painting.

Window/Door Replacement Questions

What are the benefits of replacing windows and doors?
New windows and doors improve your utility bills as well as security for your household.

What is the life span of windows?
Vinyl replacement windows have a lifetime warranty.

What type of windows do we carry?
We carry a variety of window styles and accents as well as brands including Harvey and Marvin windows.

Are there custom window options available?
All of our windows are custom ordered to size, we also offer custom design window shapes and grid patterns to meet any of your needs through our signature services.

General Carpentry Services Questions

Do you do interior and exterior carpentry services?
Yes we offer a variety of carpentry services including everything from trim work to building small additions.

What interior carpentry services do you perform?
Our interior carpentry services include trim work, interior doors, and remodeling. We can tailor your job to your needs.

Do you do kitchens and bathrooms?
We do everything from design to remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms. We have both custom cabinetry and  semi-custom options available.

Deck Questions

What types of materials do you use for decking?
We carry maintenance free composite decking as well as pressure treated and hardwood decking.

Do you repair decks?
Yes, we can re-deck an existing deck or replace your railing system.

How do I decide which material to use?
We will discuss the advantages as well as the disadvantages of each material with you in order to help find the best materials to use to meet your budget.

Porch Enclosures Questions

Why should I enclose my porch?
Enclosing your porch keeps out bugs and damaging weather as well as allows you to extend the time that you can comfortably use your porch area. We carry both 3 season and 4 season porch systems to meet your needs.