3 Common Mistakes Good Window Installers Avoid

Jun 2, 2020 | windows

Your window is a valuable addition to your home as it adds character and improves your home’s daylighting and natural ventilation. They come in multiple sizes and colors to match your home’s architectural design. However, to ensure that your windows perform at optimal levels, you’ll need an window and siding replacement expert to assist you with the installation.

In today’s post, Turner Home Improvement, shares three common mistakes that a great window installer avoids.

Poor Flashing Adherence

A skilled window installer ensures that the window sills are free of dust, debris, and moisture before they apply any flashing tapes or membranes. Other window installers forget to clean them off, or apply them when there is a lot of moisture present. At Turner Home Improvement, we follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to a T to ensure that your window’s flashing is properly installed. We even go the extra mile by applying primers before installing them to keep them secure during the cold weather.

Working With Dirty Hands

We live in a time where handwashing has become an ever-important norm of our daily lives. The same goes for window installation projects. We ensure that we wash our hands thoroughly before and after installation to prevent smearing any foam or sealant residue onto your window surface. We also wear gloves when we apply foam and sealants. Other window installers forget this and end up struggling to remove stains from unfinished wood, giving it blemishes even if it’s newly installed. When looking for a contractor to work with, you would look for a window and storm damage repair services contractor that’s both competent and hygienic. Luckily, you have both when working with Turner Home Improvement.

Not Following the Instructions

While it’s true that most windows share similar installation procedures, some windows have proprietary installation methods that require the contractor to be knowledgeable about it. Some of them also have unique requirements based on laboratory experiments and field testing. Installing a window incorrectly causes great inconvenience for the customer and causes expensive callbacks. This is why it’s important to always review the manufacturer’s instructions before installing any window.

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