3 Energy Saving Window Features You Can’t Even See!

Feb 22, 2021 | Blog, window, window maintenance, window replacement, windows

Most people think that a vinyl window is a vinyl window. But there are some big differences between higher-end vinyl windows and lower-end vinyl windows. Many of these differences effect the energy efficiency of the window. The specific differences covered in this post are built into the structure of the window and are not visible when the window is installed or even whole for that matter. Let’s review these hidden energy efficient features.

First thing first, the glass packs. With one of our windows, you get a 7/8ths glass pack. This has thicker glass and a bigger space in between the glass. The more space allowed for argon gas the better the insulation value, the more energy efficient the window. With lower-end windows, you have only a 5/8ths glass pack with thinner glass and therefore less strength. They also have less of a space for argon gas providing a lesser insulation value.

The second hidden item that assists with energy efficiency is the frame.  If you were able to look at the inside of the frame you can see with a lower-end window you have open cavities. With a higher-end window it is going to be a fully foam insulated frame. Having this extra insulation gives you an overall better insulation value making your home feel less drafty.

Finally, there is a reinforced meeting rail in our higher-end vinyl window. The meeting rail is where the lock occurs between the two sashes, the upper and lower. On a higher-end window you are going to have a fiberglass reinforcement and insulated frame. Both features assist with insulation value, but the fiberglass reinforcement provides extra strength and security. As you may guess, with lower-end windows there is going to be two open cavities. These can allow for a gap in between the sashes when they lock together.

So, remember, not all vinyl windows are built equally and just like many other things, you cannot judge a book by its cover! When shopping for windows, do your research and ask questions! Think about how thick the glass is, how much space for argon gas is provided, if the frame is insulated and what is inside the meeting rail. Keep these items in mind because they are not differences that you necessarily see, but they definitely make a difference in the performance. Want to learn more about our windows? Give us a call at (860) 633-1400 or fill out our contact form to get in touch with us and get a FREE estimate today!


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