3 Myths About Fiber Cement Siding – Debunked

Mar 25, 2020 | siding

There are many myths surrounding siding materials, including fiber cement siding. Believing in them often results in disappointments and wrong decisions when it comes to home improvement.

This article by siding replacement experts hopes to correct three common misconceptions when it comes to fiber cement siding used in our homes. By having accurate knowledge and the right perspective when it comes to this home improvement material, homeowners will hopefully be able to make the right choices.

Myth #1 – Fiber cement siding will never degrade

Like many things in the world, fiber cement siding will degrade and will necessitate siding replacement. Sure, it is very durable and possesses fire and impact resistance, and is also resistant against insect and rodent infestation, but it won’t last forever.

Myth #2 – Fiber cement siding has asbestos

While some early fiber cement siding versions had some amount of asbestos in them, a pro siding and roofing contractor will tell you modern fiber cement siding doesn’t. Fiber cement was created to replace the asbestos siding products used in homes years ago, in an attempt to create healthier, safer home improvement materials for both the homeowner and the installer. Modern-day fiber cement siding does not have asbestos particles in it.

Myth #3 – Fiber cement siding paint stays forever

While fiber cement siding can come primed or pre-painted, it’s a fact that homeowners will still need to repaint their siding from time to time. New exterior paint normally lasts for about five to seven years, even when high-quality primer is used. Even pre-painted siding, which has a longer-lasting finish, needs to be repainted at times.

By knowing the truth about siding products, homeowners like you will be able to choose the right kind of siding for your home. These truths will also help you when talking to your siding expert about your siding needs.

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