3 Reasons Your Asphalt Shingle Roof is Losing Granules

Nov 10, 2020 | Roofing

During the manufacturing process, asphalt shingles are coated with mineral granules that protect them from extreme sunlight and other types of weather damage. But the shingles will shed these protective granules over time–due to a variety of reasons–leaving your roofing system more vulnerable to the harsh elements. One of the leading roof and window replacement contractors in the area, Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC discusses some of these reasons here.


asphalt roof, granule loss


  1. Foot Traffic. Your shingle roof system will begin losing its granules shortly after installation. These granules may be loosened by the roof installer walking across their surface, and when it rains, will wash down into the gutters. Should you notice shingle granules near the opening of your downspouts–don’t worry! Unless your roof installers do more than walk across your shingles, your roofing system should be fine.


  1. Hail Damage. Large hailstones can damage your asphalt shingles upon impact, knocking the mineral granules off them. This will expose the substrate of the roofing material, making it more susceptible to weathering caused by continued sun exposure. When overlooked, the weakened shingles will make it easy for rainwater to infiltrate your roof and, eventually, your home. Before this happens, make sure to call your trusted roof and window replacement company, Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC. Our trained and experienced crew will perform a comprehensive hail damage inspection of your roof, and recommend the appropriate solution.


  1. Material Defects. Sometimes, granule loss in shingles occurs because the materials came out of the factory already defective. You’ll know because the shingles will expose their substrate in “prematurely bald” patches even when the roof is still fairly new. To avoid this issue, and ensure a longer service life for your roof, make sure to choose shingle products from proven manufacturers. 


Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC, for instance, offers only the highest quality shingle roofing systems from North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, GAF®. They are designed to provide superior, long-lasting weather performance, and come with solid warranty coverage for your greater peace of mind.


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