3 Windows That Pair Well With Patio Doors

Feb 6, 2020 | Home Improvement

Patio doors are an attractive and functional set piece in your home, serving as the gateway to the outdoors and essentially extending your interior space outside. While they can stand on their own, it’s possible to further improve its aesthetic appeal by pairing it with the right window.

In this post, your window and roofing contractor at Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC shares the three window styles that complement patio doors.

1. Transom Windows

The transom is the horizontal beam that separates the upper portion of a door from the glass panes of the window that sits above it. Although these stout, rectangular windows are often paired with single doors to increase their visual height, you can pair them with patio doors, too. 

This combination usually involves a replacement window as long as the patio door is wide. Apart from increasing the amount of daylight in your home, these transom windows also give the patio doors an eye-catching architectural flair.

2. Picture Windows

The static picture windows are a popular choice for modern and contemporary homes, which makes them the perfect pair for sliding patio doors. This combination is easier to do, however, as it just involves flanking the patio door with two picture windows. Alternatively, you can ‘pair’ the door with a single picture window on either side. What it does is provide you with an unobstructed look at your outdoors before you slide open the patio doors.

3. Double-Hung Windows

These windows boast a design that’s easy to pair and complement any architectural feature, and patio doors are no exception. Whether it’s your standard French patio or a contemporary sliding door, combining the doors with double-hung windows create an elegant set piece that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Like picture windows, where you want to put the window is up to you, although it’s best to install it in a wall space that will provide you great views of your outdoor space.

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