4 Reasons Your Asphalt Roof Is Experiencing Granule Loss

Apr 29, 2019 | Home Improvement

Asphalt shingles are known for their durability, making them among the most popular roofing types. The granules on the roof protect the shingles from harmful ultraviolet rays and improve the roof’s fire resistance.

4 Reasons Your Asphalt Roof Is Experiencing Granule Loss

With little to no granules, the shingles are exposed to sunlight, which can cause the roof to dry out and crack. In this post, your local replacement window and roof provider, Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC, discusses why your roof might be experiencing granule loss.

1. Old Age

The older your roof is, the more it’s prone to granule loss. This is because the bond between the granules and the asphalt becomes loose. You should consider getting a new roof if the granules on your old shingles are falling off.

2. Excess Granules

It’s normal for brand new roofs to shed some granules. These may just be excess granules from when the asphalt was manufactured. Granules may fall off during shipping or installation or even after a rain. Inspect your roof to make sure that the embedded granules are still in place. Contact your roofing contractor if you think the shingles are prematurely losing granules.

3. Shingle Blistering

Aging, wear and tear, and extreme weather can cause moisture to enter the shingles and result in blistering. Your roof needs to be repaired if it’s blistering and losing granules.

4. Other Causes

Foot traffic can cause granule loss, especially in older roofs. Natural weathering can cause your granules to become loose and fall off. Extreme weather events like heavy rain, hail or snow storms can remove asphalt shingle granules.

Proper maintenance and care can make your roof last longer. Repairs should be addressed immediately before they cause even bigger problems. Choose Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC for your roofing needs. We are your leading provider of roof and siding replacement services. Call us at (860) 266-1288 or complete our online form for a free estimate. We work with homeowners in Marlborough, CT.