5 Types of Winter Siding Damage You Shouldn’t Ignore

Mar 11, 2020 | siding

Winter allows us to enjoy spending time inside the home with our loved ones and friends. Our homes, however, aren’t having that much fun – the cold of winter, along with the harsh weather conditions that it might bring, puts pressure on our homes and can damage every part of it, roof and siding included.

That said, here are some siding damage signs that you need to give attention to. These signs indicate that bigger, serious problems can happen if they’re not dealt with as soon as possible. 

  1. Cracks, breaks or holes- Cold winter temperatures can cause siding, especially if old, to become brittle and prone to cracking, breaking and getting holes. This is even more likely to happen if snowballs hit the siding, or when winter wind-blown debris hit the sides of the home. Siding replacement is needed in this case.
  2. Dents- If your home uses aluminum siding, chances are that it will have dents instead of cracks, breaks or holes. There’s no way to remove the dents but to replace the dented portion completely.
  3. Loose, dislodged or missing siding- Winter wind can be strong enough to loosen, dislodge or blow away siding from your home, especially if they were old or worn in the first place. Go around your home to look for panels that exhibit signs of being loosened, including overhanging lips. You can also find these by following flapping noises when the wind blows on your wall.
  4. Moisture damage- All of the above can lead to moisture damage, which can be pretty damaging to your home and budget. Some signs indicating moisture damage include rotting panels, early discoloration, and warping. Contact a reliable siding and roofing contractor to replace siding panels showing these signs.
  5. Lamination failure- Does your home have wood siding? Wood siding has a layer of lamination protecting it. Constant exposure to snow during winter wears this layer out, exposing siding to moisture and eventual damage. Replace your wood siding if the protective layer is already worn out.

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