A Winterization Guide for Your Home’s Windows and Doors

Dec 24, 2020 | Home Improvement

It’s easy for conditioned air to escape through windows and doors that are not in good shape. Failing to address the damage in these units can result in major damage. On the other hand, with regular maintenance and upkeep, they will last longer and contribute to your home’s energy efficiency. Make sure that your windows and doors are ready to withstand the risks that come with different seasons. 

windows during winter

Here’s a guide to help you prepare your windows and doors for the colder months from a local home window replacement specialist. 

Get Rid of Debris

Debris can gather on and near your windows and doors, which can affect their operation. Making sure they are always free from debris is among the easiest maintenance tasks that can help prolong their life. It will only take you up to ten minutes to sweep or blow-off debris from windows and doors.  

Apply Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is essential when it comes to the winterization of your windows and doors. Holes and openings around your doors and windows are major causes of heat loss and higher energy bills. Applying new weatherstripping will seal exposed edges and prevent conditioned air from escaping. Weatherstripping comes in various types, such as tape, felt and V strip. You can hire professional window replacement contractors if you don’t have experience with the task. 

Use Window Treatments

Different products can help you minimize drafts in your windows and doors. You can use insulated drapes, blackout curtains, or cellular blinds to help keep your home warm. The right treatments will not only improve your comfort but also beautify your living spaces. 


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