Advantages of a Multi-level Deck Design

Dec 27, 2019 | Home Improvement

As part of our job as a home improvement and roofing contractor, we’ve been asked about the alternatives to building a deck, since some of our clients don’t have the space for one. Our answer is usually to build a multi-level deck. Not many people think of this as an option, which is a shame because it is a space-efficient way of adding a deck to your home. Here are just a few of the advantages this type of deck has.

Advantages of a Multi-level Deck Design

Enjoy the View

First of all, a multi-level deck looks very interesting. Imagine how it would look like from the outside when one section of your property is sprouting a deck that spans two (or more!) floors. It evokes an incredibly romantic appeal, and can only be made better if your property were on a hill (or a cliff). And the fact that it looks great also does a lot for your property’s curb appeal.

And speaking of great views, just think of how great the view will be from the upper floors of your deck? You can watch the sunrise (or sunset) from this vantage point. You can even host great viewing parties for when there are fireworks in your area.

Space Efficiency

By getting yourself a multi-level deck, you’re hitting several birds with one stone. First off, replacement window and deck experts say you’re subdividing the deck between floors, so each floor of your home has access to your deck. That means you won’t have to go to the first floor in order to reach your deck–there’s already an entry point from the second floor.

It also gives you plenty of room to store your outdoor equipment. Whereas you would have had to work with the space you had available if you’d built a single-level deck, with a multi-level deck, the floor area is essentially doubled (or tripled). That means you have more room to plan the deck layout, and can even assign sections or floors to specific activities.

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