Care and Maintenance Tips for Steel Entry Doors

Apr 15, 2020 | doors

The entry door is the front exterior door of your home where most—if not all—visitors have become familiar with at some point of their stay. Unlike any feature in your household, no one misses the status and appearance of the entry door. For example, leaving a decorative wreath of flowers and leaves months after the winter season has passed or having a newly installed sliding French patio door from a popular door and roofing contractor in the locale will surely make impressions not only on your home, but you as a homeowner as well.

Besides curb appeal, exterior doors are also pivotal to home security and efficiency. Without sufficient care or maintenance, your home will suffer in more ways than you can expect. Given that, here are some helpful tips to make sure your steel entry door is properly taken care of.

Cleaning Steel Entry Door

Steel is the primary choice for entry doors due to its security function. Steel doors are usually painted with white or wood-like colors for aesthetic purposes. But despite the color of paint used by your trusted door and replacement window company, properly cleaning the door is still the best option to preserve its appeal. The steps to observe are:

  • To clean a steel door, you only need to use a mild, non-abrasive cleaner like a diluted dish soap.

  • Also avoid non-abrasive tools, preferably a dusting cloth or sponge, to prevent scratches on the paint or protective coatings.

  • Concentrate on one portion at a time, and regularly rinse out the cloth or sponge especially after working on grimy or greasy parts of the door.

  • Use a spray bottle instead of garden hose to control the amount of water pooling in the area.

Inspecting Steel Entry Door

Besides cleaning, you should also look out for these signs of damages that can compromise the steel door’s effectiveness:

  • Chipped or peeling finish

  • Splits or moisture-related problem in the frame

  • Gaps in the weather strip

  • Presence of rust

Using steel exterior doors is a catch because despite its low maintenance aspect, it’s built to last for a long time. Ensure that your entry door remains in great condition.

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