Choosing the Right Window for Your Bathroom

Sep 25, 2020 | Home Improvement

If you’re planning to have a window replacement during a bathroom remodel, you might be faced with a slight dilemma. You’ll want your new windows to be big enough to let in a lot of natural light and ventilation, but then too much may mean you won’t get any privacy. However, with the right design and planning, it’s possible to have both.

Choosing the right window for your bathroom remodel shouldn’t be difficult if you know what’s best for the energy efficiency of your home. Turner Home Improvement explains what you need to consider:

Window Transparency

Most windows will be completely clear. Of course, this isn’t recommended for most bathrooms as well, especially if you’re looking for privacy. To achieve natural light while maintaining privacy, look for windows that are stained, frosted, textured or seeded. You can find many different glass styles, so it won’t be difficult to choose one that suits your bathroom remodel.

Certain Window Types Are Better Than Others

If you’re planning to achieve maximum energy-efficiency performance in your bathroom remodel, you won’t go wrong with our selection of windows. For instance, you can consider our slider windows which have weatherstripping, or you can choose our crank windows that have a compression seal around the part where the moving sash meets the frame. This seal creates an airtight unit when the window is closed, which allows minimal heat loss. However, when it comes to home window replacement, most crank options tend to be more expensive than sliders by almost 20 percent.

Mind the Placement

Window placement also plays a major role in your bathroom’s privacy. If your windows are placed higher on the wall, it will afford more privacy than those at head height. Also consider the shape of your bathroom window. For instance, a wide, narrow window placed higher up will let in just as much light as a tall window placed lower, except that this gives you more privacy. You can also go for skylights as they’re an excellent choice to retain privacy while still providing a lot of natural light (and a beautiful view of the sky) in your bathroom.

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