Doing Window and Siding Installation as a Single Project

Mar 18, 2019 | Home Improvement

Whenever homeowners embark on a home upgrade, they usually do it one phase at a time. Oftentimes, they do a window replacement first then, after some time, pursue a siding replacement. That is often a more affordable process. However, it makes perfect sense to roll two projects into one.

Doing Window and Siding Installation as a Single Project

Do your windows and siding replacement as a single project. It will increase the long-term value of your home and revitalize its aesthetic appeal. Allow Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC to explain things further.

Instant Upgrade

Don’t focus on only one thing when upgrading your home’s exterior. When installing new windows, you should also consider replacing your dilapidated siding. Doing both projects at the same time ensures consistency in both style and color. This boosts your home’s curb appeal all at once. Within a single project timeline, you can complete both at once.

Energy Efficiency

Replacing both windows and siding affect your home’s energy profile. A replacement window can allow air to escape through the frames and joints whereas your siding acts as a last-ditch protective layer to ward off excess heat and chill. When you’re trying to save energy, your efforts must be a total-home initiative.

Seamless Finish

When you pursue the two projects one at a time, there could be setbacks. In a window replacement, you may have to cut off part of the siding to make way for the capping. That could either increase installation cost or give your siding a butchered look. By doing both at the same time, you can be sure of a seamless finish.

Single Contractor

For two home improvement projects, you don’t always need two different contractors. Sometimes, one can do both of them. Your local roofing contractor, Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC, can do both. We also offer services that cover the home exterior, including windows and siding.

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