Features to Look for in a New Siding

Mar 11, 2019 | Home Improvement

Adding new siding to your home can give it an immediately noticeable makeover. It gains added curb appeal and higher resale value. However, siding isn’t pure ornamental—it’s also one of your home’s first defenses against harsh elements. Loose or cracked panels allow entry of moisture and insects that lead to greater damage.

Features to Look for in a New Siding

It’s quite important then to choose the right type of siding. Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC can help. We suggest looking for the following characteristics in your next siding replacement.


Siding selection is a vital decision, making durability a key factor. Look for a siding option that is resistant to the elements, including rain, wind and even the sun. We offer siding products that resist the damaging impact of the sun, and preserve color for the lifetime of the home.

Water Resistance

It is important that you go for water-resistant siding. It will assure you that your siding will not deteriorate once the rain pours down. Our vinyl and fiber cement siding can withstand rain and severe weather. They will not rot nor deteriorate despite the harsh climate. They will also keep you from spending on maintenance costs.

Energy Efficiency

An insulated siding can give you comfort and peace of mind even when temperatures go as high as 100 degrees. Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC offer energy-efficient siding. They lessen your reliance on cooling and heating utilities. This leads to energy savings, a cozier home and even more productivity in your household. Aside from siding, we also offer energy-efficient replacement window selections.

Curb Appeal

Apart from function, go for siding that can also improve the curb appeal of your home. We offer siding that comes in an array of colors that are resistant to fading. Despite changes in weather conditions, their beauty will last for a long time.

Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC is not only a roofing contractor. We can also help you find the perfect siding. Call us today at (860) 266-1288 for a free estimate. We serve homeowners in Wethersfield, CT, and surrounding areas.