How long does a roof replacement take?

Jun 18, 2021 | roof replacement

How long does a roof replacement take?

Long story short, we can replace most roofs in one day.

Factors that come into play when determining how long your new roof will take:

  • Overall size of your roof
  • Your roof’s pitch
  • The number of layers of the roof
  • The number of angles, different pitches, and sections on your roof

Typically a roof around 25 roofing squares, aka 2,500 sqft, will always be a one-day roof job.

The further your roof is from 25 squares and any other additional factors will cause your roof replacement to take longer than a day.

This roof is well over 25 squares, has multiple sections and many angles. The roof even has different pitches throughout. This was a multi-day roof job completed in sections.


Our office will call to schedule your roof replacement and confirm where materials should be dropped off. Many people opt for delivery to be made in their driveway but choose a location that makes the most sense for you.

Materials are typically dropped off the day before, we also advise you to move any cars out of the driveway, so you can exit and enter your property freely.



Our crew will arrive around 7:30 am with your project manager and trailer to collect roof waste.

Next, our crew will begin unpacking and setting up. They will begin to roll out tarps to protect your landscaping, any decks, and of course your home. They will even safely move any small landscaping lights or statues that may be in the way. If you are home during this process, you may notice plywood covering your windows and doors. This is just another way of protecting your home during the tear-off process.


After securing safety harnesses, removal of your old roof begins. Tear-off begins from the top section and we will work our way down.

As debris is removed, there are crew members on the ground actively collecting and disposing of it in the trailer to minimize mess.

Once the old roof is officially removed, your home’s decking and any flashing will be inspected and prepped. If any parts of your decking need to be replaced, we will take care of that now. Decking is typically composed of plywood. Your contract will note an agreed-upon price per sheet of plywood that will be added to your invoice if necessary. We will ONLY remove decking that MUST be replaced as it will give your new custom roofing system the best chance for success.

After the roof deck is prepped and cleaned, then we begin to layer on your new roof.

We start with the ice & water shield and then the underlayment if selected for your roof. After that, the drip edge is installed, starter strip, and  shingles.

Final touches include ridge vent (if doing), ridge cap shingles, and most importantly a thorough clean-up.

We always end with rolling a magnet through your lawn and driveway to pick up any nails.

Once our team packs up and hauls away the trailer… that’s it!

Ready to tackle replacing your roof? Give us a call 860-633-1400 or fill out our online contact form.

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