How Often Should Windows Be Replaced?

Jul 1, 2020 | windows

Windows are more than just openings that let in light and air–they also help maintain your home’s look, comfort and energy-efficiency. But given how they’re constantly exposed to the elements, your units will start wearing down over time, even prompting a necessary window replacement. So how often should windows be replaced exactly? Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC the trusted provider of window replacement and storm damage repair services in the area, answers that here.

Not That Often

Advancements in window technology have allowed for options that ensure durable and long-lasting performance. Their longevity is further augmented by regular window cleaning and maintenance. That’s why investing in a window replacement should be far and few between. However, you should still take into account some crucial factors that can affect how well your units age. These include:

  1. Weather exposure, which can negatively affect the look and performance of your windows. 
  2. Lack of maintenance, which allows issues to worsen and shortens the life of the unit.
  3. Moisture damage, which can cause rot and warping–issues that weaken the window structure.
  4. Poor window installation, which affects the way your windows operate. 

When not addressed properly, they can accelerate wear and tear on your windows and you’ll often find yourself replacing them.

When to Replace Your Windows

As with siding replacement, timing is everything when it comes to getting new windows for your home. You’ll want to get the most out of their life, but you won’t want to wait until they are too far gone and start compromising the look and feel of your home. Once you’ve noticed these warning signs, you’ll know it’s time to have your windows replaced:

  1. Broken seals. Gaps, cracks, or holes between the window frames and the wall opening allow drafts to enter your home while letting costly energy to leak out. This results in higher energy bills than you would expect this season.
  2. Difficulties in operation. Are your windows hard to open, close, or lock? When they’re already prone to sticks and jams due to warping or thermal expansion, it might be time to get new windows.
  3. Rotten window frames and broken glass. These mean the structural integrity of the windows is already compromised, making them a safety and security risk.
  4. Condensation. Water vapor between the glass of double-pane windows indicates failing insulation, making the units ineffective against energy loss. 

When your existing windows display these warning signs, turn to Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC promptly for replacement. Just look up “reliable siding, roofing, and siding contractors near me” and we’ll be near the top of the search results. When you work with us, expect your window replacement to run smoothly from start to finish. We serve Glastonbury, CT and the nearby areas. Call us today at (860) 633-1400 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.