How to Keep Your Roofing Project On Schedule

Sep 29, 2020 | Home Improvement

As a homeowner, you’re probably aware that it can be a real headache to have your roofing project delayed. Keeping it on schedule can ensure its success, but delays are inevitable, depending on several factors and not just on the size of your home and how long it’s estimated to last. 

To learn more about roofing delays and how you can avoid them, consult with a trusted contractor who’s local in the area. When you’re searching online for “roofing and siding contractors near me”, be sure to look up Turner Home Improvement. Here’s how we make sure your project stays on schedule:

Knowing the Common Types of Roofing Delays

1. Excusable Delays – Excusable delays are caused by another party’s actions or omissions or arise from unforeseen events beyond the contractor’s control or fault. Basically, these are delays resulting from architectural design errors and owner-initiated changes, as well as unusually severe weather also is grounds for an excusable delay. 

However, snow, rain, or other weather conditions that adversely affect the roofing and siding replacement contractor’s execution of the work doesn’t always mean they’re given additional time unless the unfavorable weather itself exceeded historical norms based on reliable weather records in your local area.

2. Non-Excusable Delays – Examples of these are the contractor’s failure to manage the project adequately or did not have the right equipment when needed. Another instance can be the late arrival of roofing materials that could have otherwise been avoided or anticipated. It’s different if a material delivery was delayed because of an unforeseen event such as an explosion at the plant where the material is produced. In this case, the delay may be considered excusable.

3. Compensable Delays – A compensable delay results from a cause that entitles the roofing contractor to additional compensation to cover extra costs the contractor incurred as a result of the delay. They may be compensable or non-compensable depending on the delay’s cause and terms of your contract.

For instance, when it comes to our storm damage repair services, compensable delays occur when another party’s conduct causes a delay on our end and incur extra expenses that would not have occurred otherwise. Getting design errors or other parties failing to perform the necessary predecessor work in time such as late material delivery are some of the common examples of such delays.

4. Concurrent Delays – It’s often difficult when a delay has multiple causes, because you’ll need to determine who’s entitled to recover delay damages, how much additional time should be granted, and the exact amount of delay damages. Of course, you may get delays that are excusable or compensable, depending on the exact cause of your delay.

Concurrent delay usually occurs when both or multiple parties have delayed or hindered contract performance and therefore the roofing project at the same time, causing a delay in its completion date. It can be difficult to determine a time extension depending on the delay.

Preventing the Causes

Roofing issues aren’t always avoidable, and it can happen to any roofing and siding replacement project. A delay can happen as soon as your old roofing gets stripped down and additional issues are spotted. They usually have to be addressed and repaired before installing your new roof to ensure the project goes well successfully. Here are some other causes you need to look out for:

  • Sudden Order Changes – It usually happens during the remodeling process, and oftentimes this is beyond the control of the contractor since there are several factors behind this cause, such as manufacturing or supply issues, compatibility issues or last-minute adjustments to the project. These sudden changes will always cause delays and in turn will cost more for your project, so make sure to plan your project thoroughly to stay within budget.
  • Bad Weather – This is actually one of the most common reasons for roof installation delays, especially when the work is already underway. A light rain shower can easily cause delays, especially if the roof deck is being installed. This is because your exposed roof needs to be completely dry before applying the other roofing layers to avoid moisture buildup from underneath. It also takes a while for the adhesives used in starter strips to dry completely, so the weather conditions have to be favorable or else the project is delayed. You can also expect a postponement of the contractor’s storm damage repair services if severe weather happens to hit your local area during the roof renovation process. It’s preferable to schedule roof repair and installation during the summer months. But keep in mind that contractors are likely to be busy during that season, so you’ll have to finalize your plans as early as spring.

Ensuring Your Project Stays on Schedule

If you want to avoid delays on your roofing project as much as possible, then it’s best to prepare and anticipate all scenarios. Not all roofing delays are unavoidable, however, here’s how you can ensure your project stays on schedule.

  • Apply for Permits in Advance – Most roofing projects usually require permits before any work can begin. Securing one from your local licensing office could take a while, so it’s best to do it as soon as the initial planning stages of your project. 
  • Check the Local Weather Forecast – Most contractors prefer working when weather conditions are favorable. So, make sure your local weather is at least bright and sunny to ensure the safety and quality of your roof. Your local weather has to be ideal and favorable so your hired contractor is able to finish the project efficiently.
  • Think About the Shipping Time – Most roofing materials have to be ordered from the manufacturer, and this can take time depending on the speed of delivery and demand for the product. If you ordered specialty items, expect it to take longer to arrive as well.

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