Is It Time to Get Commercial Roof Coatings?

Aug 7, 2020 | Roofing

Keeping your commercial roof in good shape is a year-round priority. But aside from timely repairs and maintenance work, there’s one other thing you can do to get the most out of your roof’s life and performance–roof coatings. But when exactly does a commercial roof coating application make the best sense? Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC, the expert in storm damage repair services, explains that it might be time for this project when you want to:

1. Prolong the life of your commercial roof. A quality roof coating can help head off extensive weather damage. With less wear and tear caused by heavy rainfall, harsh sunlight, or hailstorms, there’s reduced potential for problems that can shorten the roof’s lifespan. Not only that, you can also avoid a costly roof replacement for at least a few years.

2. Enhance your commercial roof’s appearance. Constant exposure to the elements can cause dirt and debris buildup on the roof surface. Commercial roof coatings, however, are highly resistant to dirt. They allow for a neat and pristine look when professionally applied to your roof system.

3. Strengthen a moderately-aged roof. Is there trapped moisture or a leak in your current roofing system? If not, then you should consider a commercial roof coating application by Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC. Aside from siding replacement, we can also handle this specific task. Our high-quality roof coatings help prevent moisture and water seepage caused by wind-driven rain, ensuring your system’s weatherproof, watertight performance.

4. Improve the fire resistance of your roof. Some commercial roof coatings are specially designed to provide better fire resistance, making them extremely useful for asphalt-built up or modified bitumen roofing systems.

5. Keep your cooling bills to a minimum. Commercial roof coatings can reflect solar heat, helping keep your building’s interior cooler and comfortable.  Because you won’t be relying too much on your cooling system, you can save a considerable amount of energy.

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