Proper Maintenance Tips for Cedar Siding

Sep 21, 2020 | siding

Having cedar siding can be a good investment for your home when it’s taken care of properly. With regular maintenance, it becomes effective against natural elements. And depending on your local climate, you’ll also have to do an occasional re-stain when needed. Otherwise, the upkeep can be too much to handle because of its exposure and damage from mildew and moisture. Eventually, you’ll have splitting, cracking and swelled-up siding, so you’re forced to have a replacement prematurely.

To understand how you can properly maintain cedar siding, storm damage repair services expert Turner Home Improvement explains how it’s done.

How to Maintain Your Siding

First, you need to inspect your siding by checking for noticeable damage, splitting, bubbling, rotting, or chipping. To help make the affected areas easier to see, you may spray the cedar siding with water. Also don’t forget to inspect all caulking and repair or replace any that’s damaged, cracking, peeling, or missing.

You also need to inspect the flashing on your roof for signs of water leakage or damage. If you see any sign of mold, make sure to clean it off the siding by using a pressure washer with a mixture of detergent and a small amount of bleach. Having a water leak can easily damage the inner structure of your roof and your cedar siding, but if you already spotted damages, call in one of your trusted siding replacement contractors to address the issue.

When Should You Re-Stain Your Cedar Siding?

Usually, you’d need to do this every several years, but depending on the annual conditions of your local weather and how much damage it does to the cedar siding, you may need to have it re-stained every three to five years. It’s also not difficult to determine when it’s time to do the job; it usually depends on how much the siding has weathered.

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