Replacing Your Roof, Siding and Windows

Feb 18, 2019 | Home Improvement

Regular home inspections and maintenance can go a long way in avoiding costly issues. Taking on these periodic tasks helps you enjoy comfort and protection from the elements all year round. Indeed, it is imperative you are aware of the signs that tell you should replace your home’s components, particularly the roof, siding and windows. Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC, your local home remodeling and roofing contractor, shares them below:

Replacing Your Roof, Siding and Windows

Your Roof

When inspecting the top of your home, be sure to take note of any changes in your shingles. Check if some of them are missing, curled, cracked or discolored. These issues tell you that the roofing material is losing its ability to protect your home from the elements. You should also find out the roof’s installation date. Such information helps you determine if it is near the end of its service life.

When a roof replacement is in order, trust our expert roofers to assist you. We deliver high-quality solutions and professional workmanship to provide you with the best results.

Your Windows

Drafts, condensation on the glass and warped or broken sashes and frames are some of the signs that you need a replacement window. These issues not only promote moisture entry to your home but also result in a decrease in energy efficiency. Replace it with one that only requires a small amount of upkeep and has an ENERGY STAR® rating.

Your Siding

Your home’s exterior siding acts as a barrier to protect the sides of the structure from the changing weather. While yours may look impervious to wind, rain and sunlight, it may no longer serve its purpose if it shows signs of mold, moisture and rot.

Siding replacement affords you with a variety of material choices. You can choose vinyl, cedar or fiber cement, to name a few. Turner Home Improvement Contractors uses only quality supplies to ensure your home’s protection from the elements.

Our remodelers have the expertise to keep your home structurally sound. Whether you need a roof, siding or window replacement, don’t hesitate to call us at (860) 633-1400. You may also fill out our contact form to discuss your plans in detail. We serve residents of Wethersfield, CT.