Roof Tech Trends and How They’re Benefitting Homeowners

Jul 25, 2019 | Home Improvement

Thanks to new roofing technology, contractors are now able to finish home improvement projects quicker and at a lower cost. Turner Home Improvement Contractor, LLC, a top roofing contractor in the state, elaborates on the tech trends being embraced by contractors below.

Roof Tech Trends and How They’re Benefitting Homeowners

Drone Roof Inspections 

Roof inspections are a lot more complicated than you think. Specialized equipment and safety precautions are needed to reduce the risks to the contractor doing the inspection, often resulting in delays. But with the use of drone technology, that’s no longer the case.

Drones are able to conduct inspections faster, more accurately and at a lower cost. They can easily access hard-to-reach-areas and, with infrared and high-tech cameras, collect more accurate data, significantly reducing risks to the contractor and the time needed to conduct inspections.

And since all drones can be operated by just one person, contractors won’t need as much manpower and can pass on the savings in labor costs to customers.

Real-Time Data Processing Through the Cloud

The time it takes to physically inspect a roof isn’t the only reason behind delays. The processing of the data and imagery captured are a factor as well. Luckily, recent advances in the cloud addressed this issue.

After the drone captures data about the condition of a home’s roof, the data can be sent back to another device for processing. This shortens the time needed for analyzing a roof’s problems and can lessen the risk that pre-existing damage will worsen. After all, every wasted second is a missed opportunity to prevent the spread of roof damage.

Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Roofing Options

With consumers becoming increasingly aware of the practical benefits of energy-efficient, “green” homes, more and more contractors are offering eco-friendly replacement window and roofing options.

We at Turner Home Improvement Contractor, LLC believe that keeping up with the latest roofing technology trends is important to remain competitive in the industry. However, it shouldn’t come at the cost of sacrificing what’s best for our customers.

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