premium gutters for ultimate home protection

Our dedicated gutter specialists create your home’s seamless gutters and downspouts right outside your front door. Unlike traditional sectional gutters, seamless gutters are custom-made from a single continuous piece of aluminum. The absence of seams along the length of the gutter minimizes the risk of leaks and enhances the overall efficiency of the system.

Fewer seams means:
· Fewer leaks: seams are a natural weak point in a gutter system.
· Better flow: smooth continuous path for water to go away from your house.
· Less maintenance: debris tends to accumulate in seams.

We prefer to use O32 gauge aluminum for our gutters for optimal durability. The thicker material is better for withstanding the heavy snowfall and harsh weather conditions commonly experienced in Connecticut winters.

Clients can choose between K5 or K6 for gutter sizes. Traditionally, K5 gutters are sufficient for most homes. K6 would be used for unique circumstances where the home’s roof has increased water management needs. We at Turner have been noticing an increase in K6 requests to better handle heavy rainfall and larger homes as they have double the water capacity.

Looking to protect your gutters from leaf debris or twigs?

We have installed several different types of gutter guards over the years and have found Ply Gem’s Leaf Relief to be a top performer. Our estimators are happy to discuss the best possible gutter protection that will work with your new custom gutter system.