Other Exterior Carpentry

expert care for your home’s exterior

If you have an exterior carpentry challenge that does not seem to fit within our typical services, fear not! Our team of skilled carpenters are well-versed in repairing or replacing various components of your home’s exterior. Homeowners frequently turn to us for tasks such as converting rotted wood trim to PVC or simply replacing it with new wood. We pride ourselves on addressing those “other” exterior projects – essentially, any carpentry repair that extends beyond a single day’s work. These encompass a range of unique tasks, including:

  • Crafting a custom door surround for your front entryway 
  • Swapping out rake and fascia boards for a refreshed appearance 
  • Renewing all window trim to enhance your home’s curb appeal

At Turner we understand that some projects defy conventional labels. If you’re unsure about the terminology or how to describe a particular task, don’t hesitate to share a photo with us. We’re here to transform your exterior carpentry challenges into beautifully executed solutions!