Should I Have My Roof Replaced?: The Three R’s of Roofing

Jul 4, 2019 | Home Improvement

Can my roof still be repaired, or would it be better to replace it altogether? A lot of building owners face this dilemma, but luckily, it isn’t hard to settle on a decision. All you have to do is remember the three R’s: repair, restore and replacement.

Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC, a top roofing contractor in the state, elaborates more below.

Should I Have My Roof Replaced The Three R’s of Roofing

Roof Repairs 

Whenever your roof suffers a leak, the first thing you’d naturally do is have it repaired. Leaks, after all, can severely disrupt tenants’ day-to-day operations. Roof repair work should be enough to address relatively minor damage. But if the roof damage is severe, repairs can only serve as a stopgap solution at best. The damage may be so severe that it needs to be restored.

Roof Restoration 

If your flat roof keeps suffering leaks despite multiple repairs, it’s time to consider getting a roof restoration. It may be that the roof membrane has been slowly degraded, but moisture hasn’t reached the roof substrate yet.

To restore your roof, the contractor reinforces the waterproof membrane and may even install additional waterproof layers. And thanks to the added layers and reinforced membrane, the lifespan of a roof is usually extended as well.

Roof Replacement 

However, as any homeowner who had to get a replacement window can attest, there comes a point where it simply makes more financial sense to get a roof replacement. In such cases, the damage is so severe that a significant portion has to be replaced.

Keep in mind, however, that the three R’s rule is no substitute for professional advice from a contractor. It’s hard to determine the extent of the damage without the help of an expert.

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