Smart Ways to Hide Your Outdoor Clutter

Aug 26, 2019 | Home Improvement

There are things essential to your home that can be an eyesore in your landscaping. They are even more noticeable in smaller homes.

Smart Ways to Hide Your Outdoor Clutter

Don’t worry, here are smart ways to hide your outdoor clutter from a trusted decking and roofing contractor.

Trash Cans

You can store your garbage bins in a wooden lattice closure and place some flower beds on top. This is a great option if you don’t have a garage to keep trash bins.

Tool Cupboard 

Store your mostly-used garden supplies in something that complements your home’s style. Choose A tool cupboard that opens flat where you can place your tools.

Deck Storage

A deck box or storage is a bench where you can keep your clutter on your porch or patio. It can also act as an extra sitting space or a tabletop. Fit hinged lids that lock open are easier to access and they keep the rain out so the items inside don’t get wet. Turner Home Improvement Contractor, LLC is here to help if you’re thinking of installing or replacing your deck. We can also assist with other major home improvement projects such as siding replacement and roof installation.

Stacking Racks  

Outdoor stacking racks will give space to store your bulky equipment. Here you can keep your kayaks, surfboards, skis. You can install a small overhang to keep them dry.

Wall-Hung Peg Board 

Wall-hung pegboards a great way to organize your tools. Find a wall that’s undercover and add an overhang to protect the tools from the weather.

Mini Shed 

This a great option if you don’t have space for a full-sized shed. Opt for double doors as they will let you tuck in outdoor items easier. A mini shed is best placed on passageways or the side of the house where they can stay hidden.

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