Storm-Damaged Roofs: What to Do After the Storm

Feb 28, 2020 | Roofing

The roof plays a key role in protecting your home from the elements and while its resistance is something to take note of, it’s not invulnerable. The durability of your roof is ultimately put to the test when it faces a storm, and in many cases, it leaves the encounter with more than just a bruising.

Storm-Damaged Roofs What to Do After the Storm

So, now that the storm has passed, what should you do? Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC, your local roofing contractor, discusses more.

Is the Coast Really Clear?

Once the storm has died down, it’s time to assess what kind of damage your roof experienced. Be mindful of your surroundings though; downed power lines, fallen trees and heavy debris that may wind up on your roof are all hazards that you need to watch out for.

Check for Telltale Signs

Although hail and wind damage manifest differently, there are some universal warning signs to watch out for. Take note of missing or damaged shingles, as well unusual granular build-up on the gutters; the latter is an obvious sign that your roof has experienced considerable hail damage.

You’ll also want to look for signs of water damage. Water build-up on the gutters is a telltale sign that you can identify without heading up to the roof, along with stains on the exterior walls or siding.

Finally, check the ceiling and attic space for signs of leaks and water spots. If there’s a leak in your attic or the very top floor of your house, then it’s likely that the roof has sustained damage and managed to break through the waterproofing layer.

Call Your Local Roofer

After assessing the damage, call your local roofing and siding replacement contractor.  A storm-damaged roof is a dangerous place to tread on; the roof may look sturdy and stable from the ground, but it may suddenly give way once you step on it.
Experienced roofers like us have the necessary equipment and are trained to handle such perilous conditions. You’ve weathered the worst of the storm and you shouldn’t risk injury or worse by attempting to fix the storm-damaged roof.

Let our team from Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC assist you on your next roofing project. Our team of roofing and replacement window installers will make sure your home recovers from the storm it has experienced.

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