The 4 Hidden Signs of Storm Damage To Look Out For

Sep 26, 2019 | Home Improvement

When it comes to looking for signs of storm damage on your roof, some homeowners have the misconception that they can always be spotted easily. This isn’t actually the case as there are some signs of storm damage that won’t easily be seen, especially if you’re only examining the roof from ground level.

In this post, roofing and siding replacement experts from Turner Home Improvement, LLC discusses the four hidden signs of storm damage that you have to look out for.

The 4 Hidden Signs of Storm Damage To Look Out For

  1. Hail Damage – Most homeowners think hail damage can easily be spotted and manifests itself as a hole or a dent. Again, this is a misconception and one that may cost a homeowner a significant amount if they’re not careful. Hail damage actually differs depending on your roof type, how bad the hail was and the direction of the storm. In fact, most of the time, the only effective way to determine if your roof has hail damage is by hiring a roofer to inspect the system up close.

  1. Minor Holes and Leaks – Roofing damage is bad and sometimes, it manifest as minor damage. Unfortunately, this minor damage can worsen in the long run. For instance, minor leaks can grow and cause major damage not just to your roof but your home’s interior as well. With that in mind, it’s always best to have a roofing contractor inspect the roof after a storm so that any damage can be repaired immediately.

  1. Granule Loss – If your home has asphalt shingles, they’re covered in sand-like granules to protect it from UV rays and reduce heat buildup that can cause it to deteriorate. In short, it’s an important component of your roof. Unfortunately, they’re also hard to spot from ground level so if these granules start shedding and you fail to notice it, your shingles are left exposed and vulnerable and they won’t be able to protect your roof as well as they should.

  1. Dented Gutters – Gutters are another important part of your home since they catch the rainwater that runs off your roof. Without it, water can pool and seep through the materials, causing rot and mold on your roofing system. Dents on your gutters can also have the same effect as it will prevent rainwater from being properly diverted away from your home. Therefore, always have a professional inspect your gutters alongside your roof after a storm and if any repairs are required, have them conducted as soon as possible.

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