The Benefits of Replacing Both Your Siding and Windows

Feb 15, 2019 | Roofing

Whenever we plan a home upgrade, we often do it one at a time. For instance, a window replacement would go first then, after some time, you may pursue a siding replacement next. While that is often a more affordable process, it also makes perfect sense to roll two projects into one. In replacing both windows and siding, you can increase the long-term value of your home and help revitalize its aesthetic appeal.

The Benefits of Reaplacing Both Your Siding and Windows

Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC, your local home remodelers in the area, discuss the benefits of combining both replacement projects.

Instant Upgrade

It is never a good idea to just focus on a single thing, especially when upgrading the home’s exterior. Why install new windows and not replace your dilapidated siding? Taking on both projects simultaneously not only ensures consistency in both style and color but also boosts the home’s curb appeal in an instant. Within a single project timeline, you can complete both at once.

Improving Energy Efficiency

We all have heard of how a replacement window installation improves the home’s energy efficiency. You can do so further when you replace your siding as well. When both are new, you can expect a decrease in your energy bill as they work together to keep your interior well-insulated.

Seamless Improvements

When you pursue either one and then proceed with the other, there could be setbacks. For example, a window replacement would require cutting off part of the siding to make way for the capping. That could either add to the cost of the installation or it could make your siding look butchered when redone. By doing both at the same time, you can be sure that everything gets done seamlessly.

One Contractor

Two home improvement projects don’t always require you to work with two different contractors. Sometimes, it only takes one to do all of them. Your local roofing contractor, Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC, is an example of this. We also offer services that cover the home exterior, including windows and siding.

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