The Latest Design Trends in Fencing Construction

Jun 28, 2019 | Home Improvement

Just like all other parts of your home, your choice of fencing material should not only be functional but also help to improve your home’s overall appeal. You want to choose your fencing so that it melds seamlessly with your siding replacement, your roofing color, your doors, windows and every other element of your home’s exterior.

The Latest Design Trends in Fencing Construction

This year’s list of fence designs places high priority to a good balance between utility and appeal. Let our exterior specialists at Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC show you a few of the biggest trends in fencing to help you make a decision.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron has been around since the end of the 18th century but it only gained traction in residential homes during the industrial revolution. This rich history gives the material a classic and timeless appeal that can beautifully round out the exterior of a historic structure. Match it with similarly colored shingles from your roofing contractor and you’re looking at a cohesive aesthetic for your whole home.

Modern Fencing Trends

On the other end of the spectrum are modern and post-modern fencing designs that focus more on design than functionality. While these minimalistic fences can’t hold a candle to the durability and longevity of wrought iron, they do hold their own in terms of modern looks. If you’re looking for a material to simply define the borders of your property, then you should choose an ultra-modern fence.

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