Tips for Mix and Matching Window Styles

Jan 10, 2020 | Home Improvement

Today, windows are available in various styles, sizes, shapes, colors and finishes, making it a challenge to choose the best ones for your home. By selecting the right window combinations, you won’t only have a more beautiful, comfortable, and brighter interior but also an eye-catching exterior. Tips for Mix and Matching Window Styles

A window and siding replacement expert gives tips on mixing and matching windows.

Consider Their Benefits

Every window style has its pros, cons and unique features. Not all units can give the same amount of natural light, ventilation, insulation, and outdoor views. If one window style doesn’t have all the benefits you’re looking for, you can match them with other styles. For example, you have a stationary window that doesn’t allow outside air into your home. You can place two casement windows on its sides for cross-ventilation.

Maximize Their Features

When matching windows, you shouldn’t only focus on combining different styles. You can also pair similar units and place them beside each other to make the most of their features. For instance, a wall made of picture windows can beautifully capture scenic views. You can also save on your electricity bills when you invest in energy-efficient replacement window units.

Revamp Your Home

Any unused space in your home can easily become a focal point with the presence of windows. Consider adding a bow window with a double-hung in the middle. This window will create additional space for dining, seating, and other activities. The operable window will also enhance the air circulation in the room.

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