Top 5 Ways to Make Your Cedar Roof Last Longer

Jul 15, 2020 | Roofing

Cedar shakes are considered a premium roofing material–and with good reason. They are incredibly beautiful, providing any home with a warm and natural look. Add their superior durability, plus energy-saving properties and you get one of the most enduring roof systems available today. That’s why, if you happen to have a cedar roof, it pays to take proactive measures that help extend its service life. Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC one of the area’s premier roofing and window replacement contractors in the area, shares ways to keep your cedar roof in top form.

1. Preventive Maintenance. You’ll need to take maintenance into account even before having your cedar roof installed. Certain woods, in fact, have natural resistance to rot and decay. By choosing cedar shakes of good quality grade, you can add more years to its lifespan. You can also prevent deterioration in your cedar shake roofing by making sure the material is coated with the right type of finish or pigment prior to installation. This helps protect your roof from moisture damage–the number one reason most cedar shake roofing doesn’t last long.

2. Regular Cleaning. Your cedar roof will need proper and regular cleanup to keep it looking good and damage-free. Some homeowners attempt to power-wash the roof surface to remove the early signs of mold, mildew, or algae. Before following their example, however, you might want to consult Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC, one of the trusted roofing and window replacement experts in the area, to determine if this is a good idea. We’ll be more than happy to suggest and perform the appropriate maintenance solution for your cedar roof.

3. Plant Growth Prevention. You already know there’s potential for lichen and moss to grow on your cedar roof. One way to prevent this is to have untreated copper or zinc flashing installed along the ridge and other roof angles. The particles of these metals can flake off and dissolve in rainwater, helping prevent any plant growth.

4. Gutter Cleaning. Make sure to remove leaves, bird’s nests, pine needles, and other loose debris from your gutters to ensure proper draining performance. In fact, you should also clear any tree branches hanging over your roof and gutters. Debris buildup on the roof surface can lead to algae and mold growth, after all.

5. Prompt Repair. Should you notice any damage to your cedar shakes or shingles, call Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC immediately. We’re not just the expert in home window replacement–you can also count on us for exceptional roof repairs. We’ll promptly deal with any issues, such as leaks, so you can get the most out of your system’s life and performance.

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