What Happens When It Rains During a Roofing Project?

Oct 22, 2020 | Home Improvement

Like home window replacement, getting a new roof comes with a lot of benefits. It can beautify your home, improve its energy efficiency and increase its overall value. However, unexpected things can happen during your project, and one of which is rain. 

What Happens It Starts to Rain?

If it appears like it’s going to rain, it’s best to delay your roof installation or wait until the conditions are better. You also need to wait until your roof is completely dry before continuing the job. A good roofer knows that wet installation can cause your new roof to fail early. 

Roofing shingles and other materials may not adhere properly to wet surfaces with increased humidity. Wet sheathing or wood can trap moisture inside your roof, which can result in mold, rot and other problems. Keep in mind that a lot of the components inside your roof are susceptible to water damage, such as felt, OSB boards and barriers. 

What Should Your Roofer Do?

At Turner Home Improvement, we would make sure that the conditions are ideal before we start or pursue with your roof or window replacement project. If it starts to rain in the middle of your project, your roofer should quickly cover the sheathing with a tarp. Doing so will not only prevent roof damage but also help keep your warranty valid with the manufacturer. 

However, if your home suffered from severe storm damage, your contractor may need to perform temporary repairs to prevent further damage. Don’t trust a contractor who says it’s alright to install new shingles on a wet surface. Make sure to hire an experienced contractor for your project. When looking for a roofer, always request for proof of license and insurance, ask for references, and read customer feedback.  

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