What to Consider When Buying New Windows

Mar 25, 2019 | Home Improvement

When shopping for new windows, homeowners should zero in and consider certain key features and styles if they are to get the best deal. The first step is to determine your specific needs, design, budget and needed window functions. It could be a costly mistake to order the wrong replacement window.

What to Consider When Buying New Windows

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Window Materials

It’s possible for wood frames to match existing windows if you aren’t planning on replacing them all. Wood window sashes can update a drafty window, but they need more maintenance. To keep the original style of an older home, the classic look of wood windows is often the best option.

Clad-frame windows feature an aluminum or vinyl shell. They have nailing flanges that fit under the siding material for new construction. The quality of clad can range from roll-form aluminum to extruded aluminum.

Vinyl clad windows come in many colors, are low-maintenance, and don’t need painting. They’re cheaper than wood windows but insulate almost as well. Fiberglass composite windows are stronger than vinyl, but are a bit more expensive. Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC also offers vinyl siding replacement.

Glass Options

Single-pane glass is suitable only in very mild climates or in outbuildings. The sealed air space between the layers of glass in double-pane windows reduces heat loss. Some “low-E” glasses have an invisible coating of metal on one surface. Others contain an inert gas like argon for added insulation.

For cold climate areas, homeowners should consider triple-pane windows insulated with argon or krypton gas. Although they cost 10-15% more than double-pane, they can save 2-3% on your heating bill, proving to be a viable option for homeowners looking to maximize energy efficiency.

Multi-pane windows also block external noise and are ideal in urban areas. Their interior glass, being closer to room temperature, also avoids fog and condensation. Ask your trusted roofing contractor if they offer several multi-pane windows.

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