What’s Usually Included in a Roofing Estimate?

Dec 17, 2020 | Roofing

Finding the right contractor is often a challenge in home improvement projects. One of the best ways to determine whether you’re investing in a good roofer or not is to obtain estimates. A roofing quote is generally a document that has a breakdown of your project’s possible expenses. 

roofer giving an estimate

Read on to find out what should be included in roofing estimates.

What to Expect in a Roofing Quote

Payment Information – It includes accepted payment modes and due dates.


Estimated Timeline – When are the possible start and end date of your project? 


Costs – Expect to see costs of removing the old roof, renting equipment, and disposing of refuse materials. 


Materials to be Used – It should include the cost of the necessary materials for your project. 


Complete Work Description – Your estimate must include a detailed description of the things to be done on your roof. 


Warranty Information – This section is for the warranty information for materials and workmanship. 


Roofing Estimate Provisions – Additional costs that can result in added charges should be stated in this section. 


A Means of Exit – Both parties must have a way to terminate the contract without incurring costs under specific circumstances. 

Is the Quote You Got Too Good to be True?

When comparing quotes, you should consider other things than the price, such as quality of materials and experience. If you’ve noticed that one quote is lower than the others and it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. It will help to do research on your prospective contractors before hiring them and read reviews from past clients as well.  Simply search, “roofing contractors near me reviews” online to get a list of local roofers in your area. 


Some contractors offer homeowners low bids only to add unexpected costs after the contract signing. They may claim that the price of the materials has increased or that they found more issues on your roof to increase the labor costs. At this stage of your project, you’ll need to find more funds before the contractor completes the job, or they may leave your roof unfinished. 


You can avoid dealing with this problem by obtaining multiple quotes, asking the roofers how they will deal with unforeseen problems, and making sure that deck replacement is included in your contract.


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