When Does a Patio Door Replacement Make Perfect Sense?

Jul 23, 2020 | doors

Aside from providing a seamless transition from your interiors to your outdoor living space, patio doors also help improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Even a well-maintained patio door, however, will eventually need a replacement. But how will you know exactly? Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC, the area’s trusted roofer and door replacement expert, shares some of the warning signs you should watch out for.



1. Your existing patio door is hard to operate. You might need a replacement if your door makes opening, closing and locking it a chore. Sliding patio doors, in particular, are prone to sticking and jamming because their rollers may be already damaged beyond repair. Other possible causes include thermal expansion and poor door installation. When your existing door isn’t working properly anymore, it becomes a safety and security risk, so you might want to get a new one pronto.

2. The patio door contributes to significant energy loss. Is your recent electric bill higher than you would expect this season? You should check your patio door for cracks and gaps openings. These openings make it possible for drafts to leak into your home while allowing costly energy to leak out. To better maintain your home’s insulation and prevent considerable energy loss, you should consider getting a customized patio door from Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC, one of the area’s leading door and roofing companies.

3. There is fog between the panes. Most patio doors are double glazed, with the space between the panes filled with inert gas to provide better thermal insulation. Condensation inside that space may indicate the seal is already compromised, reducing its effectiveness. Once you notice this, it might be a good idea to start planning a door replacement.

The telltale signs mentioned above means you actually don’t have to wait until your existing patio door has visible damage before replacing it. Putting off this project only leads to worse problems, which in turn, leads to more expenses. And once you’ve finally decided to invest in a door replacement, make sure to consider these tips:

1. Choose a good material because your new door’s life and performance hinge on this.

2. Don’t overlook customization–you’ll want to make sure your new patio door matches well with your home’s exterior palette and style.

3. Pick excellent hardware and locking systems to maintain your home’s safety and security.

4. Work with a trusted door company like Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC to ensure quality and worry-free installation.

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