Why Vinyl Windows are Better than Wood

Feb 17, 2020 | Home Improvement

Since its introduction to the residential housing market over 30 years ago, vinyl windows have become the most popular type of replacement window – surpassing its predecessor, the wooden window. This is all due to their low-maintenance properties, energy efficiency and natural durability.Why Vinyl Windows are Better than Wood

Still not convinced? Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC shares more reasons why vinyl windows are better than wood in this post.

Worry-Free Windows

One of the key advantages vinyl windows have over their wooden counterparts is their low-maintenance properties. It’s naturally strong and durable and is resistant to peeling, cracking and warping. Since it doesn’t fade, it also doesn’t require painting or staining to keep up appearances.

Keep in mind that to fully take advantage of these low-maintenance properties, your new vinyl window should be properly installed. As your local window and roofing contractor, we’ll make sure your new window is expertly fitted into your home so that it’s as low-maintenance as possible.

An Energy-Efficient Choice

Vinyl windows boast higher thermal protection, dethroning wood in that department. The framing material isn’t the only reason why it’s so energy-efficient though; modern vinyl window designs usually incorporate Low-E coating, multiple glass panes and insulation – all contributing to the window’s higher energy efficiency ratings.

Attractive Windows

Vinyl windows come in a range of colors to choose from. Compared to wood, which is often restricted to wood and earthy colors, vinyl’s extended color palette means it’s easy to match with your home’s interior and exterior decor. Vinyl, as a material, is also flexible, which means it’s easier to shape into unique designs and styles.

At Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC, we offer a range of attractive and high-performance vinyl windows from Sunrise Windows that’s sure to turn heads. We also offer siding replacement and general roofing services.

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