Why You Should Never DIY Roof Repairs and Replacement

Jun 24, 2019 | Home Improvement

It’s tempting to completely forgo hiring a roofing contractor and take a DIY route when you want something done to your roof. After all, how hard is it to lay down a weatherproofing underlayment, nail down the shingle tabs, or install multiple flashing strips, right? One quick search for a YouTube tutorial and you can get the job done completed yourself. Unfortunately, there are risks involved if you choose to do your roofing without the help of a professional.

Why You Should Never DIY Roof Repairs and Replacement

It’s unbelievable how many times our expert and experienced roofers at Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC have had to come out to fix a roofing DIY gone awry. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to rethink doing this job on your own.

The Benefit of Experience

There’s a high likelihood that you don’t have any background at all in home improvement, not to mention roofing or siding replacement. There’s more to laying down shingles than meets the eye. Our years of experience have taught us some of the important dos and don’ts behind repairing, replacing, or maintaining a roofing system. Save yourself the trouble (and the costs) and hire a roofing professional instead.

Safety Issues

Aside from the obvious risks involving installation mistakes, you also run the risk of hurting yourself. Professionals will have safety equipment and measures in place to minimize workplace injuries and accidents. All it takes is one false step and you can find yourself falling down your roof and facing medical expenses on top of your roofing costs.

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