Why You Should Replace Your Siding This Fall

Nov 11, 2020 | siding

Spring and summer may be the busiest time for home improvement, but this doesn’t mean they’re also the BEST time for one. In fact–if you’ve been planning a siding replacement–you may find that fall is actually more ideal. Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC, the premier roofer and siding installer in the area, shares some of the excellent reasons here:


Replace Your Siding This Fall


Optimum Outdoor Temperatures

The blistering heat and humidity of summer can cause siding boards to warp; not to mention allow for sweaty, uncomfortable work. On the other hand, siding replacement in the winter becomes a trial due to the cold and wind. These aren’t much of an issue in fall. Outdoor temperatures are generally moderate, helping keep siding materials intact while encouraging faster and more efficient installation.


Worry-Free Scheduling

Siding and roofing companies are extremely busy in spring and summer–and because there may be a queue to their services, it will take a while before they can get back to you. From a scheduling standpoint, this makes fall the perfect time for your siding replacement. Business slows down during this season, which makes scheduling a home evaluation a breeze. What’s more, because your choice of siding company doesn’t have a lot on their plate, they’ll be able to give your project the full attention it deserves.


Better Deals and Rebates

Most contractor’s rates drop considerably during fall. They may even offer even better deals that allow you to save more on your project. Just make sure, however, that you’re hiring a reliable home improvement contractor for the job. In this area, that will be Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC. Since 1955, we have provided homeowners with the highest quality solutions to their siding needs. With our top-tier products and professional team, we’ll make sure you get the most of your investment.


Still unsure? We’ll let our satisfied clients speak for us. Just search for “siding and roofing contractors near me reviews” and you can check what our previous customers have to say about the quality of our work. With Turner Home Improvement Contractors, LLC, you’re always sure the experience will go on safely and smoothly. We serve the areas in and around Glastonbury, Avon, and Windsor, CT. Call us today at (860) 633-1400 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.