Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Roof’s Hail Damage

Sep 23, 2020 | Home Improvement

Most homeowners aren’t aware that their roofs have been damaged by hail until they start to notice it indoors. By the time they do, it’s often recommended to get significant repairs on their roof since the damage has already compromised its inner structure. However, there’s a way to avoid such consequences and that’s through proper maintenance and care.

To get a better understanding, our team of roof replacement contractors at Turner Home Improvement explains what happens when you ignore roof hail damage.

Ignoring Hail Damage Can Cost More

Hailstones can loosen the protective granules covering asphalt shingles. Without these granules, the layer underneath the shingles is vulnerable to harsh elements. These bare areas can become weak due to exposure to rays, making them prone to leaks. Meanwhile, damage from roof leaks will eventually spread within your home. When not fixed early, leaks can cause mold to grow and electrical system problems as well as ceiling and wall damage.

Why Roof Inspections Are Important

Proper maintenance and inspections are helpful in extending your roof’s lifespan. Even newer roofs can get damage from huge hailstones, so It’s recommended that you have it done by professional roofing contractors after a recent hailstorm to minimize costs. This also helps the environment by protecting your roof, since most old roofing materials end up in landfills.

How to Look for Roof Hail Damage

Note: You can do a basic check but it’s better for your safety to have it done professionally.

From the ground, be on the lookout for dents when you check your roof. This will also help you in determining how much damage your roof sustained from hail damage, as well as how big the hail was. Other damage such as bruised shingles may be harder to detect, so you’re going to need to run your hand over them to feel any small dips or dimples in its surface. Also, check whether you see black or missing granules in your shingles; you might find them in your gutters or on the ground.

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