Winter Home Maintenance: What to Prioritize

Jan 28, 2019 | Home Improvement

Your home struggles the most during the winter season. With fluctuating temperatures, cold winds and heavy snowfall, integral parts of your property such as the roof, siding and windows all have their work cut out for them. As a homeowner, it’s your job to keep these components in good condition.

Winter Home Maintenance What to Prioritize

Turner Home Improvement Contractors is a highly respected roofing contractor with over 60 years of home improvement experience. In this post, we explain which areas of your home to prioritize during winter and what you can expect from our services.

Preventive Roof Maintenance

The roof takes a good deal of abuse during the winter season. Snow will accumulate on the roof surface, adding additional weight to the structure and leading to the possibility of damaging ice dams. The fluctuating temperatures also cause the shingles to expand and contract, making them more susceptible to physical damage.

Let us help you keep your roof in good condition throughout the winter season. Take advantage of our roof inspection and preventive maintenance services. We’ll accurately determine the current condition of your roof and head off problems through appropriate repair and maintenance.

Replace Old Siding

While low-maintenance vinyl siding is a permanent alternative to painting wood siding, it can still get worn down by the weather. Between spring and fall, siding has experienced everything from driving rain to wilting heat. Once you see that your current siding is starting to show signs of wear, cracks or holes, it’s probably time to schedule an estimate for siding replacement with us. In addition to vinyl, we offer classic cedar and fiber cement siding.

Replace Old Windows & Doors

Like the roof, the windows and the entry door play a key role establishing a home’s curb appeal, and helping to maintain comfort and energy efficiency throughout the year. Turner Home Improvement Contractors offers premium products for replacement window and door installation. Replacing old and failing windows and doors doesn’t just keep you safe and comfortable during winter, it also maintains your home’s value.

Let Turner Home Improvement Contractors assist you with any winter home maintenance project. Call us today at [company_phone] to talk about your project and request a free quote. We are a local roofing contractor in Marlborough, CT.